город Орел, Орловская область, Россия, 302000

город Орел

Орёл — город (с 1566) в России, административный центр Орловской области и Орловского района. Являясь городом областного значения, образует муниципальное образование городской округ город Орёл. Расположен в 368 км к юго-западу от Москвы, на Среднерусской возвышенности в европейской части России, по обоим берегам реки Оки и её притока Орлика. Орёл и Орловская область входят в состав Центрального федерального округа, а также Центрального экономического района. Город воинской славы (почётное звание присвоено 27 апреля 2007 года). Читать далее город Орел, Орловская область, Россия, 302000

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Индекс: 302000
Адрес: г. Орёл, Ленина ул., д. 43
Телефоны: 8 (800) 100-00-00

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Florida wealth adviser 'Dr. Cash' hit with fraud charges

By Lawrence Delevingne

BOSTON, Nov 3 (Reuters) — The U.S.

Justice Department on Tuesday charged a Florida-based wealth adviser, a convicted felon using the name Dr. Terrence Cash, with fraudulently inducing individuals to invest in his «Greenlight»-branded wealth management businesses.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday announced parallel civil charges website against the suspect, whose real name is Terrence Chalk, 모바일카지노 and his Greenlight group of businesses for fraudulent securities offerings and 우리카지노 a «Ponzi-like scheme.»

Chalk, 58, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The firm has no connection to David Einhorn’s New York-based hedge fund firm, Greenlight Capital Inc.

According to charges website unveiled by the Department of Justice’s Manhattan office, Chalk used the «Cash» name to hide a decade-old conviction for fraud-related offenses in New York.

He was able to solicit more than $4 million in investments but, according to the complaint, 카지노사이트추천 spent most of the money on himself, including $70,000 paid to a luxury car dealer and $17,000 to an NBA team for 크레이지슬롯 season tickets.

Chalk’s website for Greenlight Advantage group states that «Dr. Cash» and his companies offer «transformative solutions that are non-conventional and counter-intuitive, that are based on the hidden secrets of the wealthy elite.» (Reporting by Lawrence Delevingne in Boston; Editing by Tom Brown)